The start of my candle season is around this time when clients are getting their senses stimulated by all the flowers in bloom. The aromatherapy oils I use in my candles and diffuseurs are all of therapeutic quality and I like to start the season with creating a new blend for a candle.   This time I have created a blend of Neroli, Lavender and Lemongrass.   I am currently testing the diffuseur in my bathroom and the wonderful summery scent is drifting into my bedroom next door.   The sophisticated Neroli is one of my favourites and a first for my range. I shall give this a summery name. The oils are great for de-stressing, calming and giving us a much-needed lift after the dark evenings.


Coming soon...Neroli, Lemongrass and Lavender candle and diffuseur


Currently finishing testing of new diffuseurs....using the same blends as my candles.   More later..


6 May ISIGNY-LE-BUAT Bibliothèque 10 - 12h


OTHER... most of my lovely clients have visited our Atelier and know that I am also passionate about sewing ...this has given me the seed for another idea to make beautiful dresses in traditional, natural, fabrics. Look out for my upcoming posts for LES PETITES PATTES.... little dresses for little people!




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